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Innovative Personal Development for Corporate Teams

VIVIAMO provides innovative life coaching for employees, corporate teams, and leadership.


Bringing proven tools for creating a successful, happy and balanced life to the workplace.


Improve employee morale, increase retention, reduce burnout and develop more top performers. 

What We Do

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Team Coaching

Holistic small group life coaching for your company, department or team. Our Transformation Bootcamp™ teaches the proven Centrella Method™ for achieving success, exceeding goals and creating a balanced happy life. 



Motivate and inspire your team with a Futureboards™ workshop, created by our Founder Sarah Centrella. Perfect for a large group, and/or company-wide quarterly, or annual kick-off. 


Private Coaching

Private life coaching for leaders, management, and executives. Our Train the Trainer program teaches your leaders how to continue supporting current employees as well as teach our methods to new hires. 

“Our research confirmed that happiness fully mediated the relationship between attitude and job performance.

These results implied that a positive attitude leads to higher job satisfaction and increased job performance.”


-Frontiers in Psychology, Feb 2021 study


"Thank you for sharing your powerful steps with us, I've received such great feedback on your message and training."

Lori Harris

Marketing Director, Nike

"Personal development is the driver of change. It is the key to unlocking the true greatness in every single one of our businesses today.”

-Forbes, 2020

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