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Centrella Company

Innovative life coaching for corporate teams and executives.



Equipping your employees with powerful tools to excel at work, thrive at home, and love their life! 

Our Vision

Our goal is to equip employees across the globe with personal development tools, proven strategies and life skills to help them create and LIVE their ultimate life. 

We believe that empowering individuals with simple, effective, and repeatable tools to effect lasting change in their personal life, will propel and transform their professional life as well. 


Our life coaching empowers the individual while elevating the company culture, improving performance and increasing retention.

It is our belief, that if given the opportunity, most people WANT to change and grow, they just don’t know HOW. 

We are changing that…and so are you!

"Personal development is the driver of change. It is the key to unlocking the true greatness in every single one of our businesses today.”

-Forbes, 2020

Our Founder


Founder & CEO

Best-Selling Author | Master Life Coach | Keynote Speaker | Podcast Host

Sarah is a two-time #1 best-selling author of the books; Hustle Believe Receive and #FutureBoards and is the creator of our coaching programs, Futureboards™ and the Centrella Method™.

Sarah spent over a decade in corporate B2B sales in the software and consulting sector, working her way up from inside sales, to National VP of Sales. She used the tools we teach today to ascend the corporate ladder and go from a single mom with three young children on welfare, to a corporate executive living her biggest dreams, in just three short years. 

In 2017 Sarah took the ultimate leap of faith to follow her passion and start her own coaching company. Since then she's coached thousands of clients from all over the world, and seen how dramatically it can change lives. 

Read Sarah's inspiring personal story HERE.

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“Our research confirmed that happiness fully mediated the relationship between attitude and job performance.

These results implied that a positive attitude leads to higher job satisfaction and increased job performance.”


-Frontiers in Psychology, Feb 2021 study

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Our Coaching Pillars 

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The HBRMethod™

The magic of the HBRMethod™ is that its tools and skills are transferable to any area of life. Once you understand how it works, and how to apply it, you can use it to successfully accomplish any goal or dream.  

It gives individuals life skills for not only creating their ULTIMATE life, but also how to handle adversity, setbacks, anxiety, relationships, mindset, personal motivation and much more. 

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