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02. Executive Coaching for Leaders

Executive Life Coaching
Minimum 6-month commitment

Private life coaching for management and executive leadership is our most powerful, results-driven coaching program. Work privately with one of our master Centrella Coaches to learn and apply our proven tools for creating ongoing success, achieving true work/life balance, up-leveling relationships, and finding personal happiness and fulfillment.  

Results from private coaching are unsurprisingly the fastest, most dramatic, and longest-lasting.


Once management has experienced the value and transformative results of our coaching, they become better equipped to support their team in the rollout and implementation of strategies and tools of the Centrella Method™.

Sync Up


Extended training for team management or internal company trainer.

This extended program has three phases. 

Phase 1: Private coaching through Transformation Bootcamp™ curriculum.


Phase 2: Followed by training on how to teach the Centrella Method™ to new hires and continue supporting the team long-term. 

Phase 3: Extended support after training.

Includes a 2-year limited licensing agreement to use trademarked methods and supporting material.

"Working one-on-one with Sarah Centrella is what helped me accelerate everything about my life, and all the amazing wins I've had in 2020 & 2021!


From crushing my new job, to winning the biggest deals of my professional career, to becoming the President of a national women's organization, to winning a fitness competition, vacations of a lifetime, increasing my financial net worth, handling adversity, building my professional confidence, and truly loving my life. I can't recommend this coaching enough!

Amanda Cahill

National Director of Business Development, Dallas TX

Business Consultation

 Private Executive Coaching

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Our one-on-one life coaching is so POWERFUL. It has helped executives gain work-life balance, reduce stress, find passion and clarity at work and at home, change their mindset and increase their wealth and financial abundance.

If you are ready to begin your transformational journey to a life you LOVE, we are ready to show you how!

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