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"No" Can't Stop You

If you haven’t gotten a “no,” a “no thank you,” or an “I’m gonna have to pass,” recently, you're probably not doing your job.

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Because if you are aggressively going after what you want, in business or your personal goals, you WILL hear "no" A LOT.

Get comfortable with it, don't be afraid of it, because "no" is just the BEGINNING! It serves a VITAL role in helping you better formulate your plan, ideas, and vision and enables you to articulate them more clearly.

Getting a "no" should fuel your passion and desire to succeed. It should solidify your commitment to achieving your ultimate desired outcome, not dissuade you. It is simply a necessary part of the process.

Stop taking no at face value. Stop assuming that the person giving you the “no” is the end-all, be-all to your success, they AREN'T. If they don’t like your idea then find someone who does."

My first book (a terribly written memoir ) was rejected by EVERY SINGLE listed agent who represents memoirs. That process was a grueling YEAR of Solid “no’s” in which I was told by many agents I should probably stop “trying to write.” That process turned me into a real writer. During all that time I KEPT WRITING. I kept perfecting my craft. I knew that to get one "yes," I’d likely have to get 30 "no’s." So when those no’s rolled in, I could shake them off and say; “It only takes ONE yes. My ‘yes’ is coming!”

By first book, Hustle Believe Receive, was turned down by about 20 publishers before three said yes.

“No” just means, “not yet.” It just means you're not quite ready, or the person/place/thing the “no” is coming from isn’t a good fit for you. Be RELENTLESS in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, if you refuse to quit, you WILL achieve the result you're after. It's honestly that basic.

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