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Meet Amanda Cahill, Director of Business Development

Tell us a little about your professional background, what work have you been doing the past few years?

For almost a decade, I’ve been working in the telecommunications industry, where I moved up the corporate ladder very quickly. In my most recent role as National Director of Business Development, my primary responsibility is to lead business development initiatives, collaborate with multiple departments on proposal delivery and execution, pursue new and manage existing client relationships, as well as assist in marketing activities. I’m also the President of a national women’s organization within the telecommunications industry and Co-Founder of Bold Women Society ( ). In both, I get to work with other like-minded women who care deeply about professional and personal development for all women.

What attracted you to Sarah’s coaching or personal development in general?

It was through a podcast interview that I first learned about Sarah. At the time, Sarah was promoting her book Hustle, Believe, Receive. I was immediately drawn to Sarah’s story and how she manifested so much in her life in such a short amount of time—it was right then that I bought her book and read it in two days.

Throughout my personal development journey, I had always struggled with getting clarity around my future. Sarah’s coaching and the homework in her books helped me gain control of my life in a way that I never had before. The techniques Sarah uses for visualizing your future and putting together a plan to match that visual is more powerful than I can put into words.

What benefits have you received from Sarah’s coaching, methods or your own personal development work?

Of the shifts that occurred through reading Sarah’s books, as well as coaching one-on-one with Sarah, there were a handful of benefits that really stuck out as key to creating the change I was seeking in my life. First, I gained a full understanding of my strengths and started showing up unapologetically by stepping fully into those gifts. Second, Sarah helped me create power mottos that reframed the narrative in my head. Through this process, there’s one key word that resonates: confidence. I now have confidence in who I am as a person and how I choose to show up. I now fully own the path of my dream life and believe I can make my dream life a reality.

Through the HRB method specifically, I now fully understand the power of visualization, getting clear on what I want, and putting the action steps in place to help me achieve whatever dream I’m working on bringing to life. Sarah’s methods and coaching have helped me gain back control of my life. I feel completely in control of the future I’m creating and I have the tools to make that future a reality.

How has your personal development work (reading books, listening to podcasts, practicing the #HBRMethod, mindset work, meditation etc), improved your work attitude or job performance?

Success has come easy to me and anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the most positive, optimistic person they’ve ever met and the positivity I spread into the world is well-received. I take great pride in knowing I’m creating a positive impact on the world around me. Although I am positive every day, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t work to stay positive, especially when there are job situations that are sometimes out of your control.

Staying positive is a choice and thanks to the personal development work I’ve done over the past several years, I’ve developed the best habits and mindset tools to help keep me in a positive frame of mind, even when something not so pleasant is happening in my life or at work.

Because of all the work I’ve done over the years to cultivate my attitude and mindset, I talk openly about it. Nothing makes me happier than to show others how they can show up in a more positive, optimistic way.

As a founding board member of Centrella Co, what excites you most about what the company is creating? (In other words, what compelled you to be part of it).

We find ourselves in a society where employees are constantly feeling stress, overwhelm and pressure to perform at a rate higher than ever. Burnout has become a constant state of being and so many are struggling to find balance in life and work. At the same time, corporate culture and employee happiness have been a struggle for companies as they try to retain the employees they have, as well as try to attract new talent to their team.

With all that is going on in the corporate world, Centrella Co. has developed exactly what employees and business owners are searching for: a coaching program where employees and management teams learn the tools to create lasting change in both their personal and professional life. Participants of the program can start to thrive at work and at home and the tools they acquire are tools they will carry with them for life, creating a better work environment for now and years to come.

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