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Meet Cheryl Donahue, VP of Sales for Centrella Co.

Let's get to know our VP of Sales, Cheryl Donahue.

Tell us a little about your professional background, what work have you been doing the past few years?

I’ve spent 24 years in the start-up technology industry, specifically B2B software start-ups in the Sales, Customer Success and Revenue function. I focus on building and scaling sales and customer teams to drive revenue retention and growth.

What attracted you to Sarah’s coaching or personal development in general?

I first learned about Sarah from a friend who referred me to her book #FutureBoards. From there I was hooked. I’ve read and done the work in both of Sarah’s books and had the opportunity to do individual coaching sessions with her as well.

I’ve been on a personal growth journey all my life, especially the last five years after going through a lot of life-changing experiences; breast cancer survivor, single after 20 years, and an empty nester. I’ve always felt I was meant to do more, experience more, even if I couldn’t articulate or visualize what that meant.

My friend knew the #FutureBoards book would help guide me through my thoughts, hopes, and desires in a way that I could articulate and visualize bringing to life. It’s also helped me to focus on all key areas of my life simultaneously, not just one at a time (like I was previously doing).

What benefits have you received from Sarah’s coaching, method’s or your own personal development work?

I’ve always had a lot of ideas, thoughts, and dreams brewing around in my head and have had many starts and pauses of taking those larger dreams and making them a reality. I believed I could live those dreams without having a step-by-step plan to achieve them. By creating my Future Board my big picture dreams have become front & center in my life, literally. My Future Board is a visual representation I see every single day. It helps to keep me inspired and dreaming bigger and bigger along the way. I can also now see in retrospect how much of my life I have actively made happen and just didn’t realize it. I also see how much my self-doubt and having to have all of the answers held me back in the past.

I've taken a lot away from my personal coaching sessions with Sarah that I have put into practice. First, I felt extremely connected to Sarah’s positive & vibrant energy. She’s inspiring.

I’m now saving more money than I ever have and continue to work on keeping the money blocks I previously had out of my life. I also view anything & everything as an ‘opportunity or an ‘idea’ - another concept taught by Sarah. I have a more consistent habit of using my positive words and affirmations to manifest those dreams on my Future Board. I’ve even added some bigger dreams my brain wouldn’t have comprehended prior to working with Sarah.

How has your personal development work (reading books, listening to podcasts, practicing the #HBRMethod, mindset work, meditation, etc), improved your work attitude or job performance?

I’ve always excelled in my career and performance. It’s the long, monotonous days that this work helps me through. When I find my energy low or if I’m getting the Sunday scaries, I re-visit my journal work, browse my Pinterest boards and/or sit in front of my Future Board and visualize my future. It works every time.

I also feel more confident and comfortable not keeping the personal growth work separate from my day job. I talk to anyone; peers, teams that report to me and customers about this openly, and don’t worry if they think I’m crazy because I believe in this process and what the HBR Method teaches, fully.

As a founding board member of Centrella Co, what excites you the most about what the company is creating?

Given how many years I’ve been in corporate America, I see so many dollars invested in employee training & development, but it's all the same...to simply allow someone to check a box that training was done. You ask people what they took away from the training, or better yet observe any changes in their behavior or performance, and it's extremely rare to see any type of positive change or outcome.

I’m passionate about companies investing in their employees in a way that will not only benefit the employee in their work but in all aspects of their life. I’ve been fortunate enough to afford to invest in this type of work on my own. I’ve prioritized it just like others prioritize getting a new car or other investments. Not everyone can afford coaching or knows where to find a great coach. Through more companies opening these types of doors to their teams, I firmly believe it will allow for both personal and professional growth at a broader scale.

The timing for what we are doing through Centrella Co. couldn’t be better, given the pandemic we’ve all been and continue to live through. Many people have taken this time to reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, etc, and do not want to go back to the over-glorified grind. They do however want to continue to climb the corporate ladder and be successful, they just don’t want to have to give up the other areas of their lives to excel in one. I’m here to tell you you don’t have to.

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