• kdoyle07

Meet Kristen Doyle, Director of Marketing

Tell us a little about your professional background, what work have you been doing the past few years?

My professional background is a little bit all over the place. I’ve spent over 15 years, off and on working in the recruiting and human resources industry, mostly in the capacity of managing remote teams of recruiters. My focus was on project management and team management, which can be a challenge when 100% of your team is remote. I loved recruiting, but I loved helping my team succeed and client successes even more.

In addition, in 2005 I started the food and travel blog, Dine & Dish. It started out as simply a passion project and turned into a thriving business. Thanks to timing and getting in on blogging before blogging was really a thing, I learned and evolved at a really fast pace. The industry was constantly changing and I was pivoting and changing with it. In addition to being an early adapter of blogging, I was one of the original users of Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Finally, in 2019, I felt the call to become a certified HBR Master Life Coach and have been coaching clients on Sarah Centrella’s HBR method ever since. It’s been a wonderful journey!

What attracted you to Sarah’s coaching or personal development in general?

I have always been a huge believer in the power of manifestation and mindset work and know firsthand how practicing these methods can greatly impact your life. I read Sarah’s book, Hustle Believe Receive when it first was published and then followed up with #FutureBoards when it was published. It was a bit later, when I was looking up life coaching certifications, that I discovered Sarah had a program to certify coaches in this method.

I absolutely love that the #HBRMethod encompasses all the aspects of life to create a well-rounded, balanced person. Career/Ambitions, Mind/Body, Relationships, Passions/Joys, and Wealth/Abundance. When all these are in alignment, that’s where the genuine magic happens!

What benefits have you received from Sarah’s coaching, methods or your own personal development work?

Learning how to manage my mindset to help manifest the outcomes I want in my life has been huge. It takes a lot of work and practice but recognizing when thoughts aren’t serving us and having the tools and power to change those thoughts to produce a positive outcome is life-changing.

It has been just as rewarding watching my coaching clients experience the same mindset shifts and as an outcome, seeing the positive changes in their lives. The #HBRMethod really works, and it’s been such a privilege to teach others these tools.

As a founding board member of Centrella Co, what excites you most about what the company is creating?

What we are doing at Centrella Co. merges my love for corporate culture and employee happiness with my passion for coaching.

I know so many people in the corporate world who are struggling to balance life and work. At the same time, corporations are trying to find ways to help their employees find balance but are going about it in all the wrong ways.

Our focus on helping corporations enrich their employees’ lives in all the categories is what sets us apart. If your team is happy at work, but not happy in their personal life, that’s going to negatively bleed over into their performance.

The best kind of employee is one who is thriving at work, but also who has a rich and fulfilling personal life. They have hobbies, meaningful relationships, are balanced in mind & body, and have a career that fills them up. We want to help employers give their team the gift of a happy, fulfilled life at work and at home.