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Meet Mary Dougan, Director of Operations

What attracted you to Sarah’s coaching or personal development in general?

I found Sarah through a friend who suggested I read her book, #futureboards. After reading #futureboards, I discovered her first book, Hustle Believe Receive. I began to follow her methods and decided to search her out online. She was hosting a live workshop in Chicago, IL and I signed up. Unfortunately, that event was canceled due to the pandemic, but Sarah began hosting virtual events. After attending a few, I knew I wanted to be in her space, absorbing her positive energy and honest coaching. I joined her coaching circle a little over a year ago and the rest is history!

What benefits have you received from Sarah’s coaching, methods or your own personal development work?

Sarah has helped me to find balance in my life, map out a clear strategy for achieving my goals, and taught me to advocate for myself, even in some of the most difficult situations. I wish our paths had crossed sooner!

As a founding board member of Centrella Co, what excites you most about what the company is creating? (In other words, what compelled you to be part of it).

I am most excited to bring this coaching and training to other professionals. After you've been in a role for a period of time, I think we get drug down in the day-to-day activities and forget to step back and evaluate. I think Sarah's methods help us to stop, re-evaluate and get things back on track. I felt very stagnant in my career until I met Sarah and started to learn how to create the future I wanted, even within my current role.

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