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Why Personal Development at Work is More Important than Ever

Personal development has always been closely linked to career success. However, the pandemic has profoundly impacted the traditional corporate workplace model, along with metrics for understanding and improving employee well-being.

Why Personal Development at Work is More Important than Ever

Why Personal Development at Work is More Important than Ever

As we move forward into this new hybrid model combining in-office and remote work, it’s more important than ever to understand why personal development is mutually beneficial for both companies and employees alike.

It’s well known that when a person feels stuck, overworked and overwhelmed, they are much more likely to trigger the “fight, flight or freeze” part of the brain. They may lack vision, focus, and motivation. They may also struggle to self-advocate or manage workplace conflict in a productive way. These challenges essentially lead to a lack of overall balance in life/work and struggle with stress or anxiety.

Not only is this result detrimental for your people, but it also doesn’t support your bottom line as a company.

As the saying (roughly) goes, you may ask: “What if I invest in personal development for my employees, and then they leave?” To which the response must always be “What if you invest in personal development and they stay?”

Whether it’s training, personal or professional development, when you invest holistically in your employees, they feel seen, heard and understood. A successful, balanced and happy life is the direct result!

Centrella Co. Transformational Bootcamp

As a head of digital strategy and sales enablement at a tech company, I have leveraged coaches when I felt stuck or needed an outside perspective. This has always been incredibly helpful to me in my personal and professional development.

In July of 2022, I signed up for the Centrella Co. Transformation Bootcamp to help me overcome some difficult life changes I was dealing with at the time. I credit the bootcamp for multiple positive changes in my life which ultimately helped re-energize me in my work life as well.

My team is currently going through the Centrella Co. Bootcamp. Everyone is so excited and appreciative. We spend so much of our lives at work – this investment is to equip them with tools to not only excel at work but thrive at home and ultimately love their lives.

I’m so passionate about the value of personal development that I joined Sarah’s advisory board to help extend this service to other companies. If you are interested in learning more about the Transformation Bootcamp, connect with a member of the Centrella team here. There’s never been a better time to invest in your most valuable assets.


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