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01. Team Coaching

Transformation Bootcamp™
Team Coaching 

Transformation Bootcamp™ is an in-depth, 10-week small group life coaching program for your company, department or team. Employees will learn our proven method, tools and strategies for creating a successful, happy, balanced life.


This coaching is personal and transformative for each participant, yet its benefits have a far reaching positive impact on their co-workers, team, the company, and of course their personal life. 

Your team will grow and bond in a unique and positive way as they go through this coaching together. It builds rare genuine connection among co-workers, encourages authentic and meaningful interaction and provides a supportive, accountable environment for sustained growth. 

Students Taking Note
Working Together

is your company facing these challenges?

Today more than ever, our clients are looking to engage, support, and retain employees in new and creative ways. Workers are under immense pressure trying to balance work, self, and home life. Without proper tools, most people don't know how to manage stress and protect their wellbeing. That's where we come in.


Increased feelings of exhaustion, fatigue and persistent overwhelm.


Decreased personal motivation, leading to rising employee turnover.


Increased stress and anxiety are challenging mental health and wellbeing in unprecedented ways. 


Decreased productivity and creativity in today's stressful  hybrid, or work-from-home environments. 

Transformation Bootcamp™ teaches employees how to begin incorporating activities that bring joy, promote wellbeing and encourage stress reduction, to combat burnout. 

Participants learn mindset techniques that they actively practice during coaching, to shift focus away from stress triggers and provide personal empowerment, and confidence to create new desired outcomes in all areas of life. 

When they know what they want in every area of their life, can see the vision for it, and have a plan to achieve it... they become SELF-motivated and productivity increases. 

It all works together...

What our client participants are saying....

"Transformation Bootcamp was the best thing I did for myself in 2020! I'm going to miss our sessions. 


I've learned so much and already experienced so many powerful mindset shifts and big wins. I've started working on my passion project again, have improved personal relationships, built my confidence, and even started dating again!"

Keri B

 Communications & PR, Amazon, Seattle WA

Working on Laptop

If your team was propelled and motivated by their personal and professional goals...

How would that impact their performance and the company's bottom line?

Team Meeting

If your employees were fulfilled, happy and self-motivated...


How would that change your company?



We Teach The Centrella Method™


Our coaching method was created by Best-Selling Author, Life Design Coach, and mindset expert, Sarah Centrella. It focuses on these five core areas of life. It is a holistic approach to creating a happy, successful, abundant, balanced life, and IT WORKS. Participants will learn proven skills, tools, and a repeatable process for how to level up every aspect of their lives.

the Centrella Method.png


  • Effectively reduce stress and anxiety

  • Change mindset and beliefs to align with success and happiness

  • Create a personalized, exciting vision for their future

  • Set effective goals that create lasting personal motivation

  • Control their energy, emotions, and mindset

  • Create actionable plans to achieve identified goals

  • Improve self-confidence and remove "imposter syndrome"

  • Tools for managing work, life, relationships, health, and self-care

  • Strategies for overcoming adversity, setbacks, and personal struggles

  • Tools to avoid feeling overwhelmed, procrastination, disorganization, burnout

  • Remove subconscious blocks to success

  • Tips on improving personal and work relationships

  • Manifest anything they want

  • And much more!

the Centrella Method.jpeg

Ready to  learn how this coaching can propel your business?

Book a Strategy Session

What better way to invest in your employees, improve retention, and entice new hires, than to provide coaching that dramatically improves their personal life, mental health, happiness, success, and overall well-being? 

Want a Sneak Peek? 

Here are a few clips from our Transformation Bootcamp's online coaching library, taught by our Founder Sarah Centrella. Our in-depth online coaching is available to all participants of the live group coaching sessions and provides an invaluable resource for deep ongoing training.